Max Futura is filmed infront of a live studio audience.* 

Life & Times

  • Me: Pictures of my face. (Physical Appearance)
  • Community: Pictures of events I’m attending.
  • Likes: Check out the cool stuffs I like.

Common Hashtags

  • Quotes: Quotes I find meaningful or quotes I make that are meaningless.
  • Travellog: Anytime I go or do something cool outside my normal routine.
  • Music: Songs I’ve listened to or made.
  • Movies: Movies I’ve watched
  • Fitness: All posts about my goal toward becoming Spartan. It will most likely be me complaining a whole lot.
  • Reading List: Books I’ve read, will read, want to read, recommend, and intend on writing.
  • Google This: Stuff I’ve learn and recommend you google your got damn self.
  • Quest To Become Trilingual: One of my goals is to become trilingual. If you frequent my blog at all, you already realize I’m still struggling with English.
  • I’ve Supported These Peeps: Cash moves everything around me; so I send it wisely.
  • Thoughts: My inner mind or things material from things I’m reading
  • Essays:
  • Reading: Learn or perish, read or die.
  • Support: Blogs + Brands + individuals
  • Food: Because I’m not photosynthetic yet.
  • Pandora: My girlfriend
  • Gifs: Pictures that move. Sometimes there funny.
  • Movies: Recommended films I’ve seen
  • Questions: To open your mind.
  • Inside jokes: It’s better if you don’t understand
  • Words: My Fictionary of made of words that should exist
  • Links: Things you should click

Personal Blog Stuff

  • Love: Things related to my love life or thoughts on the subject
  • God: Thoughts on God, The Universe, And Everything Else
  • Dreamlog: You’ll find a log of my dreams here. They make very little sense.
  • Secrets: Things I can’t share with you’ll.
  • Comments: Rarely, but nevertheless sometimes people talk to me.

Works In Progress


  • Bright Futura: Social Media And Branding Agency
  • Golly Waffles: Family Breakfast Business
  • Woom Woom Shing: A Comic book series